QR Code

Unique scannable QR code to print and display in your window or on your door


Your choice of beautiful mobile friendly menu, pdf file or link to your website

Data Capture

Option to capture the customer name and email adddress


Real-time analytics detailing how many menus scanned and time of day etc.


Ability to offer your customers a money off voucher to use instantly

Easy to Use

No skills required to create great looking menus, anyone can do it

QR Code Explosion

People love QR codes, expecially on the move. Typing in URL's is unweildy on mobile devices so it's no wonder that your customers are compelled to scan that code whenever they see one! Who doesn't love seeing what's behind that code, and your customers are ready to find out!

Here's some statistics...

75% Of shoppers are ready to scan QR Codes to access shopping assistance
57% Of consumers have scanned QR codes to get product-specific information
43% Of consumers have scanned a QR code to visit a company website
67% Of respondents to a recent survey agreed that QR codes help make decisions easier
47% Of UK respondents agreed that they used QR codes more than they expected

How It Works

Give your customers the ability to instantly view a beautiful mobile version or your menu by displaying your Unique ScanThatCode.com QR code in your window. Your menu will always be up to date, you will know exactly how many people look at your menu even when you are closed

1. Potential Customer Scans Your Code

By displaying your QR Code in the window of your business, your customer simply scans the code with thier mobile phone camera.

2. Your Menu is Displayed Instantly

Your latest menu is displayed instantly allowing them to make an instant decision to come in, bookmark for later or share with friends. If you wish, they also have the option to sign up for updates, promotions and vouchers

3. You Are Fully Informed

You get a real-time view of how many times your Qr Code was scanned, along with time of day and a fully exportable contact list ready to import into MailChimp or your favourite email broadcasting tool

Fantastic Value

Empowering your customers to make an informed decision by having a stylish mobile friendly and shareable view of your menu, ability to capture contact details and promote directly to your customers and all this with analytic reports telling you when you are of interest to potential customers whether you are open or closed.

All this for just £7 a month

It's so easy, create your dynamic menu in minutes.

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